Michelin Script: Unexpected.


Open on a windy, rainy mountain road at night. A lonely car descends. Inside the car, a family: Mother, father and toddler in the backseat. They contrast the weather as they’re laughing and joking around.


Cut to a truck making its way up the narrow mountain road. There’s an air of danger, the setup creates a feeling of unease.

Alternating cuts between the car, the truck and the family. Closeups of the tires gripping the road, water and dirt spraying. The suspense is tangible - something tragic is about to happen.

The family approaches a blind curve, the drop beyond the fragile barrier is deadly. Fast cuts between the truck and the family car, the crash seems inevitable -


but nothing happens. The truck simply passes the car as both go their ways.


Super: “Sometimes the best thing that can happen, is nothing at all.”

With Juan Francisco Posada (AD)


At TBWA / Chiat Day, New York