I wake up to the sound of an unknown alarm. It takes me some moments to make sense of my situation but when Sarah sleepily hisses at the phone, everything starts to unravel.

We’re in a basement, that explains why it’s pitch-black. In a hotel (or so, none of us was able to understand the Scottish guy very well), in the storage room.

„Fuck!.“ Sarah almost slams the phone into my face. „It’s 9.10, we’re supposed to be at the checkpoint before 10am“. I try to find the light switch and accidentally kick Olivia in the chest.

„Ouch, goddamned, alright, I’m getting up. Jesus…“. Whatever challenge they have waiting for us at the checkpoint, we surely have to get past this awful morning mood first, if we want to stand any chance to succeed.


With Manuela Rondón (CW), Joao Vitor Soneghet (AD).


Tutors: Marlon von Franquemont.